What kind of promotions does j8play offer to its players?

Promotions are a special activity offered by any online casino to promote player engagement. So what promotions are available to you when you join j8play? And do you know why online casino promotions are so diverse and attractive to players? Today j8play will help you find the answer in the following article.

Why does j8play often organize promotions for its customers?

j8play offers frequent customer promotions to thank customers for their continuous support of j8play. In addition, j8play promotions offer the following benefits:

  • For members who play at j8play

Members who play at j8play will receive bonuses from various promotions that you can use for various bets. You can also withdraw your winnings to your bank account while you are winning.

  • For j8play

j8play’s promotions will attract new members to join, and because there are many promotions that will help players place their bets, this is the first reason why j8play organizes promotions for players.

In addition, the promotions help j8play to prove its financial and economic strength, which helps j8play to build more trust in the minds of its customers.

j8play new member promotions

j8play is a very welcoming online gaming company for new players. j8play has a number of promotions for newly registered members, the most famous of which is the ฿888 free bonus, which has caught the attention of many new members.

Welcome bonus to get 888 PHP from j8play

Upon successful registration of a j8play account, members will receive 888 PHP in free bonuses and 15 lucky spins. Specially, this promotion does not require players to make a deposit to receive the bonus. Simply update all your personal information at j8play and you will receive a one-time bonus for the promotion.

In addition, if a member makes a minimum deposit of 400 PHP for the first time, you will receive an additional 10% deposit bonus to your betting account, which will give you the chance to get up to 850 PHP. For new members who join j8play with a minimum bet of 5,000 PHP for the first month, you will receive an additional 300 PHP through this promotion.

j8play Other First Deposit Offers

In addition to the welcome bonus for new members, j8play also offers a great first deposit offer where members can receive interesting bonuses from j8play when they make their first deposit to a betting account of the downstream type, these bonuses are:

  • Promote 120% bonus on first deposit in j8play Sportsbook
  • Make your first deposit and get a 100% bonus at Esports j8play with 15 betting conditions.
  • 60% bonus on first deposit at j8play Poker with 25 wagering conditions.
  • Get 100% bonus on your first deposit at j8play Games.
  • First time deposit at j8play Lottery for 100% bonus requires 18 wagering credits.

j8play’s Cashback Promotions

As part of the promotion, cashback promotions allow players to accumulate bets to earn bonuses. Therefore, when a member plays with any wager, you will receive a refund based on the rates offered by j8play. With the following details:

  • Members will receive unlimited daily cash back. Unlimited daily cashback of 0.2% when betting with j8play Sports
  • VIP members have the opportunity to play at j8play Sports with a 0.8% cashback.
  • Members will receive 0.5% unlimited daily rebate at j8play E-sports based on daily betting earnings.
  • VIP members will receive 0.8% cashback on games played at j8play E-sports.
  • Members playing at E-sports j8play will receive a 0.5% rebate on their daily bets. This rate may be more or less, depending on the membership level specified by j8play.
  • Members will receive daily cash back when playing at j8play Games.
  • Members who play at j8play poker will receive a 0.2% rebate on their total daily bets, and there is no limit to the amount of winnings you can receive.

Deposit Bonus for j8play Members

The first deposit bonus is also a very popular promotion for players. j8play will give you a bonus after your first deposit, details are as follows:

  • Members will receive a deposit bonus of 20% of the amount deposited. To receive this bonus when you deposit with j8play, your minimum deposit must be 300 PHP and the maximum bonus you can receive is 3000 PHP.
  • VIPs will receive a deposit bonus of 30% of the amount deposited to receive this bonus. Your minimum deposit must be 300 PHP and the maximum bonus you can receive is 5000 PHP.

Conditions for earning bonuses in j8play promotions

Although all j8play promotions offer players the opportunity to earn bonuses easily, if you violate the rules of the following terms and conditions. You will not be able to receive bonuses from j8play.

  • Players create multiple j8play accounts in order to receive free welcome bonuses, which is prohibited by j8play, and players can only create one j8play account in order to receive the dealer’s bonuses.
  • Members must only comply with the general conditions set by j8play in order to be eligible to participate in the various promotions of the Distributor.
  • When participating in a j8play promotion, members should be aware of the wagering amount required for that bonus, as this is one of j8play’s requirements for you to successfully withdraw your winnings.
  • The promotions offered by j8play will expire at the sole discretion of j8play. Therefore, members should take the opportunity to join immediately so that you do not miss out on any of j8play’s promotions.

This article is a summary of the constantly updated j8play promotions. If you play at j8play, don’t miss the fun promotions at j8play, such as deposit bonuses, cashback bonuses and more. If a member has just created a j8play account, join the new member welcome promotion now and you will receive a welcome bonus and can start playing all games with j8play with confidence.