4 fastest j8play deposit methods

If you don’t know how to make a deposit at j8play, please follow the 4 fastest ways to make a deposit to your j8play account that we have outlined in this article.

Deposit through the bank

The first way is by bank transfer, which is a tedious and time-consuming method, but it is a safe and effective way to deposit money. So if you want to transfer money in this way, please follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Get a j8play bank account

To get a j8play bank account, please login to your account first, then select “Deposit” -> “Bank” -> select the bank the player wants to remit to -> then click on that section. In this way, you will receive the bank account number of j8play.

Step 2: Deposit funds to j8play bank

Once the member receives the bank account number from j8play, he/she can make a transfer to that bank account. The remittance method is the same as the normal remittance method, and the player will follow one of the following three transfer methods:

  • Go to an ATM and transfer funds to your j8play account.
  • Go to a bank and transfer funds to j8play.
  • Use the Internet to transfer funds to your j8play bank account via the app.

Step 3: Complete the transfer order and confirm the transaction was successful.

After the transfer is completed, please save the transfer receipt. Then, on the deposit page of j8play, fill in the remittance information. Finally, double check the information and click “Transfer” to complete your bank deposit.

Deposit with GCash

To deposit funds to your j8play account using GCash, just like any other deposit method, click on the “Deposit” option in the top right corner of the website page. You then select your j8play deposit method as “GCash”.

Step 1: Fill in the deposit amount

Next, the member fills in the amount to be deposited to j8play, and the account to be transferred is the main account. After that, click “Transfer” and switch the interface to choose a bank. j8play currently supports GCash transfers through many banks.

Step 2: GCash top-up interface

After choosing the bank you want to transfer money to, click “Submit” to jump to the GCash recharge interface of j8play, the user will enter the webpage to register the selected bank account, here, you will use the account to register, after success, enter the OTP on your cell phone to complete the recharge.

Currently, using GCash is the fastest way to deposit money and players don’t have to wait long to place a bet at j8play.

Deposit through Union bank

If you have a Union bank account, you can use the following deposit methods.

  • On the deposit page, select “Deposit” -> “Bank” -> select “Union bank” method.
  • After that, select “Quick Deposit” to make a quick and instant deposit to Union bank.
  • Players fill in the amount they want to transfer and then click “Transfer” to enter the Union bank account login page.

On the Union bank login page, members must enter their bank account user name and password. After that, follow all the steps to complete your deposit quickly.

Deposit with Voucher Code

If you do not have a bank account or do not have any money in your bank account, you can still use a voucher code to top up your j8play account:

  • After logging in to j8play, please click on “Top-up” -> select “Voucher Code” as the top-up method.
  • On the j8play website, enter the serial number and card number you purchased. Then, you will click “Deposit” and it will be successful.

The amount of the voucher code will be reflected in your balance immediately.