Why is it slow to withdraw money from j8play?

Slow withdrawals are a common problem for some online players. Do you know why withdrawals are slow at j8play? Do you know how to solve the problem if j8play withdrawals are delayed? If not, please read our detailed and fastest j8play withdrawal guide included today.

Reasons for slow withdrawals at j8play

There are 4 main reasons why j8play withdrawals are slow, the reasons that need to be mentioned are

The bank system is being updated

During the withdrawal process, the bank may need to improve the system to solve the problem, at this time the withdrawal of players will be delayed, you must wait until the bank completes the system update, then the bank will start processing the player’s withdrawal request. In addition, the bank will not process withdrawals when the player is on a holiday, so it is best for the player to make withdrawals on a normal business day.

j8play is updating the system

Like banks, j8play will update its system periodically. If a player withdraws money before j8play updates, this action may be delayed as j8play is updating the system and you will have to wait for the system update to complete before the withdrawal transaction can continue.

Players who have not added their bank details

First time withdrawers need to add their bank account information, so this transaction will take longer to confirm. This is one of the reasons why j8play withdrawals are slow and you need to know that. Players should be patient and wait for j8play to process your transaction within 24 hours, after which the second withdrawal will be processed much faster.

Players do not meet the withdrawal criteria

Some players have received promotional bonuses and want to withdraw them, but these bonuses will have withdrawal requirements that must be met before they can successfully withdraw.

How to solve j8play slow withdrawal problem

If you are experiencing this at j8play, please use the solution we have shared below.

Add your own bank details

When placing a bet at j8play, you must provide your bank details, which must match the player’s j8play account details. If a member enters incorrect bank details, your withdrawal will not be processed.

Choosing the right time for withdrawals

Players should choose to withdraw from Monday to Friday morning. The bank does not work on holidays, so players should not withdraw on holidays.

Choose a bank supported by j8play

Players should choose a bank that is supported and linked by j8play so that your withdrawal transactions are free of charge and processed as quickly as possible. Players withdrawing from j8play should keep this in mind, choosing a j8play supported bank is the best way to solve j8play ‘s slow withdrawals.

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